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Old City Mauthausen

Romantic alleyways, ancient houses and the silvery shimmering Danube shape the image of Mauthausen. If you happen to stroll along the sunny Heindlkai quay, you will feel like you have stepped hundreds of years back in time.
The old city walls of Mauthausen have numerous stories to tell – of happy and prosperous times, as well as times of misery.
It was back in 1189 when emperor Frederick I Barbarossa burnt Mauthausen to the ground for having tried to collect a toll from him and his crusaders.

The Water
However, the Danube has also taken its toll on the city. Not only has the river brought the people of Mauthausen wealth and power, it has also struck the town with floods. Only the high water marks at the Pragstein Castle and the Strommeisterhaus building are witnesses today of the recurring floods.
But in Mauthausen, people are used to living close to the water and the proximity to the Danube is still a huge blessing for the old Danube market town. If you take a short bike ride along the Danube, you will experience the river’s unique attraction and the good feeling when you make it all the way back to Mauthausen. The town welcomes its visitors with a cozy and friendly atmosphere and so everyone will simply feel pleasant here.
Walk the path of the past and visit the local history museum in the Pragstein Castle. In 1491, it was established by Lasla from Prague on a rocky island in the Danube. The former water castle could only be reached via a bridge – nowadays, it is the highlight of the market town of Mauthausen.
Maybe you could climb to the parish church of St. Nicholas, whose tower greets boatmen on the Danube from afar.
Enjoy the beautiful vistas across the roofs of Mauthausen all the way to the Alpine foothills.

The Rock
The Mühlviertel quarter has been an austere part of the town ever since we can remember.
The rolling hills of the local landscape, built of granite and gneiss, exceeded even the highest Alpine peaks millions of years ago.

The Danube Cycle Path
The name Mauthausen has gained recognition through its historical development. However, the market town Mauthausen is not merely looking back at its past. It is also eager to see what the future will bring – the latter resting in the arms of the Danube just like it always has. The Danube Cycle Path runs from Passau to Bratislava along the most important European waterway – the Danube.
At the distance marker 2,112.0 lies Mauthausen, a place to stop, unwind and rest after yet another stage in the saddle. However, Mauthausen can be so much more than merely a short stop on your journey – it’s a wonderful place for a holiday!
Due to its central location, excellent infrastructure with short trips and the rich selection of accommodation possibilities, Mauthausen is a perfect holiday destination.
The proximity to the state capital Linz, to Enns – the oldest Austrian town, and to St. Florian – the place where the famous composer and symphonist Anton Bruckner used to work, make Mauthausen a perfect starting point for your trips. Plan your adventures in central Upper Austria starting in Mauthausen!

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